Tabernacle TB 010
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TB 026_25

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Tabernacle brass. Producer price!
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TB 026_25

Data sheet

25 cm
25 cm
22 cm
25 kg
New product

Tabernacle is made according to nowadys standards. Fireproof and armored with both horizontal and vertical bolts.The exterior adornents are gold-plated, made of brass with metal craftsmanship skills. The interior of this tabernacle is crafted of chrome-nickel sheet or gilded brass.The frame is made of double-welded walls; exterior's prop housing is acquired of ground brass sheet.


Clarifications of additional options: 

There is possibility to custom make this tabernacle. Generally, the tabernacle comes in three sizes. 
This photo shows tabernacle 30 cm ( the size of corner fittings and the width of bezels around the doors in
other capacities does not change,

the proportion ratio may differ)

- 24 cm ( outside parameters)
- width 28 cm
- height 24 cm
- depth - 22 cm

- 30 cm (outside parameters)
- width 33 cm
- heigth 30 cm
- depth 28 cm

- 40 cm (outside parameters)
- width 40 cm
- height 40 cm
- depth 38 cm


Montage instructions: 
- tabernacle is equipped with spikes
- the upper, left and right wall are covered with satined brass sheet on complete surface
- the back wall and lower-outside wall are not covered with brass sheet
- there are no installation holes

Fitted into the wall:
- it has no spikes and cannot stand freely
- the surface of side walls ( left and right both upper and lower ) have been partially covered with satined brass sheet
- should you choose this option, it is imperative you specify the depth


Standing out part of it from the wall ( after installation ; see the photo).