Church candlesticks proposed by Sacramenti are high quality products. We sell brass candlesticks, gold-plated, polished and protected with clear varnish. They appear in various shapes and have different heights. We offer altar candlesticks and candlesticks for the paschal candle. These are items made with great care and precision. You can choose candlesticks with space for one or many candles. Each of them is equipped with a spike, which makes it possible to secure the candle securely.

The candle is a very important symbol in Christianity and accompanies the faithful from the day of joining the community until the end of life. We light it at Baptism and at the funeral. What's more, during each Eucharist, they burn on the altar, which expresses the light of the Holy Spirit flowing on people. It also symbolizes discovering the truth by dispelling the darkness of evil, sin and ignorance. The most important liturgical meaning is the paschal candle, representing the resurrected Christ. The church candlesticks available in our online shop are adjusted to different sizes of candles, and also prepared so that you can comfortably grab them.

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