The buyer is obliged to check the contents of the shipment in the presence Courier or immediately after receiving the package. Claims for damage or defects can be reported only on the day of delivery.

If, after receipt of the goods the client finds technical defects or damage during delivery, should immediately contact the store by phone or electronically. Then send it back to the address:

Bartosz Bieliński
ul. Macierzankowa 14
60-175 Poznan

The right to withdraw from the contract (return of goods) in the case of distance sales involving CONSUMER.

In accordance with Article 27 of the Law on Consumer Rights (Dz. U. 2014 pos. 827) CONSUMER entering "a contract at a distance" - has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason - within 14 calendar days from the date of taking possession PRODUCT (if product consists of many things, which are supplied separately, in lots or in part, the term begins with the taking of possession of the last things a lot or, if the contract is for regular delivery of products for the time duration - from taking possession of the first product - or in the case of services or contract of any other nature - 14 days from the date of the contract, but if the buyer is a consumer, for the issue to the purchaser of the goods sold is considered its delegation by SELLER carrier, the SELLER did not affect the choice of the carrier by the purchaser. in case of withdrawal from CONSUMER agreement entitled to the reimbursement of costs. If at the time the contract, the consumer has chosen a method for providing the cheapest things other than the usual way offered by the SELLER - SELLER is not obliged to return CONSUMER incurred by him additional costs exceeding the cheapest way. The condition of keeping the deadline is at this time submission VENDOR statement of withdrawal from the contract. It is also a statement sent by e-mail - you can use the finished form. In the case of a declaration in electronic form SELLER immediately send CONSUMER durable medium acknowledgment of receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract.
After sending a statement CONSUMER is obliged within 14 calendar days (counted from the date of dispatch of the notice of withdrawal from the contract) send the mailing address given in the data DEALERS - unless SELLER suggested that he receives PRODUCT. The observance of the term, the date of shipment.
CONSUMER liable for any diminished value of things as a result of using it in a way other than necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of things
SELLER within 14 calendar days, return the payments made by him, including the costs of delivery of goods from the seller to the consumer. SELLER can not refrain from making a return payment to the receipt of the return of things or the consumer has supplied evidence of her references - depending on which event occurs first. SELLER shall refund payments using the same method of payment, which used the consumer, unless the consumer has expressly agreed to a different way of return, which is not binding for him with any additional costs.
Direct cost of returning Product to SELLER bears CONSUMER (CLIENT).
The right of withdrawal from a distance contract is not entitled CONSUMER in the cases listed in the Annex.
SELLER is not receiving shipments sent "cash on delivery". Return delivery shall be suitably protected against damage in transit.